Know your children are safe and secure at all times


Proprietary safety technology service helps teachers and chaperones know that the children under their care are nearby. Alerts when a member of their group wanders out of range.


Designed for multi-chaperone trips, with real-time chat for trip status and information.


Set up your trip, distribute beacons to all members, and go! The app checks to see that everyone is near, but does not track their location.


Chaperone can escalate alert for missing member to group, trip, and regional level (all Gaggle users).

About Gaggle

Gaggle was created by parents, for parents

Gaggle is a revolutionary new child safety service to help families and groups keep track of each other. After being one of many chaperones on a field trip with a class of 125 elementary school kids we had the opportunity to see the challenges of monitoring both large and small groups. This experience has inspired our company to develop a solution to this problem using smart phones that most chaperones already carry.

Children on field trips wear our Gaggle Beacon - a Bluetooth transmitter that does not send actual location data. While chaperones on the excursion will use an iOS and Android application that is linked to your bracelets allowing them to know when a child has moved out of range.

If a child does become separated from the group, their primary chaperone will be alerted before they have a chance to wander too far away, and the alert can be escalated to the group or even to every person who has our application installed on their phone.

What makes our service unique is that all the chaperones are linked to one another. This means if a child moves between groups, their chaperone will know that the child is not actually lost. Chaperones will be able to communicate and coordinate either moving the child between their groups in the app or meeting in person to swap kids back.